Sunday, 30 August 2009

adult Jokes part-2

21:-) Boyfriend wanted sex with girlfriend but was shy of his small penis size. He took her to a pitch dark room and gave his penis in her hand. She said: Sorry, I don´t smoke!

22:-( Four things wrong with a penis: 1.Hangs out with a couple of nuts 2.Sleeps next to an asshole 3.Has a hole in its head 4.When it gets excited, it throws up and dies!

23;-) Girl enters a sex shop. GIRL: Where is the vibrator section? CLERK: Over there madam GIRL: How much for this big red one? CLERK: Sorry madam, that is a fire extinguisher!

24:-D What is an oral contraceptive pill? It is the second best thing a woman can put in her mouth to avoid pregnancy!

25:-l A farmer tried cow´s milking machine on his penis and had great fun but could not remove it. He read the manual and fainted. It said: Autorealease after 5 litres!

26:-) Teacher: Explain responsibility with example. Chintoo: Madam your blouse has 4 buttons, if 3 breakdown, the entire responsibily will be on the 4th one!

27:-( We lift them when they hang. We bring them together when they separate. People think we are social workers. But no, we are BRA makers!

28;-) Woman has man in it. Mrs has Mr in it. Female has male in it. Madam has Adam in it. No wonder men always want to be inside women!

29:-D What is the similarity between BRA and BAR? Both are places where men go crazy when they are open!

30:-l Nipple nipple little star, can I press you in my car.Up above the breast so high, always milky never dry. Come to my mouth don´t feel shy, in the bra you will die!
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31:-) Which is the lightest and the heaviest thing in the world? Lightest is PENIS - Even imagination can lift it. Heaviest is SPERM - Even Hercules had to drop it!

32:-( Kid asked mom on seeing her breasts: What is this? Mom replied: Balloons. Kid asked: Why are yours so small? The maid has big ones. Mom asked: When did you see? Kid replied: Yesterday when was blowing them!

33;-) What is the difference between a geneologist and a gynecologist? One looks up your tree while the just glances into your bush!

34:-D There is this prim girl who decided not to go for a course in sex education because she was told that the final exam would be ORAL!

35:-l Did you hear about the girl who was so thin she had tattooed on her chest: "In case of sex, this side up"!

36:-) Why did the blonde fail her driving test? Because when the car stopped, she automatically got into the back seat!

37:-( What is the difference between a whore and a bitch?A whore sleeps with everyone, a bitch sleeps with everyone but you!

38;-) Men are like snow-storms. You never know when they are coming, how many inches you will get or how long they will last!

39:-D What do you call the organ of: Small men? Compact dicks. Aliens? Laser dicks. Old men? Floppy dicks. Young men? Hard dicks. Chinese? Pirated dicks!

40:-l Divers do it deeper, teachers do it with class, linguists do it orally, bartenders do it on the rocks, historians do it looking back, marathon runners keep it for hours, missionaries do it on their knees, booksellers do it over the counter, astro nomers do it with one eye open, water-skiers do it behind bosts, Gordon does it in a Flash, elevator men do it up and down, cyclists have it between their legs, politicians just talk about it!

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