Sunday, 30 August 2009

adult Jokes part-4

61:-) Why do Marwadis watch porn movies in rewind? Because they get excited when they see the prostitutes returning the money!

62:-( What is the geographical definition of sex? Its an action done by Poland in Holland between Thailand occasionally with a little help from Greece!

63;-) Three guys introduced themselves to a girl: Hi, I´m Peter - not a saint. Hi, I´m Paul - not a pope. Hi, I´m John - not a baptist. The girl said: Hi, I´m Mary - not a virgin!

64:-D There was a young lady from France who decided to take a chance; for an hour or so she just let herself go. And now all her sisters are aunts!

65:-l Mary had a little sheep and with the sheep she went to sleep. The sheep turned out to be a ram and Mary had a little lamb!

66:-) Two men were fishing at the sea when one of them hooked a mermaid. He hauled her aboerd, examined her beautiful body for a moment and threw her back.Friend asked: Why? He replied: How?

67:-( AIDS Awareness Slogans: 1. Couer your stump before you pump 2. Don´t be silly protect your willy 3. AIDS is no joke wrap before you poke 4. Don´t be a fool condomize yor tool!

68;-) There was a patriotic South American woman who named her first-born son after the entire national football team. Apparently she was not qqure which was the father......!

69:-D There was single-minded miss who got fed up with her bashful boyfriend´s cumbling advances and decided to put him in her place!

70:-l SWEET YOUNG THING: Mother, remember you told me that the way to a man´s heart was through his stomach? MOM: Yes dear. GIRL: Well, last night I found a new route! 1:-) Husband and wife had bitter quarrel on their 40th wedding anniversary. Husband yelled: When you die, I´m getting you a headstone that reads´ Here lies my wife - Cold as ever´ Wife replied: Yeah? When you die, I´m getting you a headstone that reads´ Here lies my husband - Stiff at last´ !

72:-( Jab tere chikoo the, sab tere pichu the. Jab tere aam hue, sab paresgan hue. Jab tere kharbuje hue, bade ajube hue. Jab tere jhool gaye, sab tujhe bhool gaye!

73:-( BRAGGART: I was at a dinner party the other night. One woman had on a dress that was cut so low, you had to look under the table to see what she was wearing!

74.A woman is like a Kentucky Fried Chicken: It has legs ,breasts and a greasy box to stick your bone in.

75.A guy callS into work and says: Boss I can´tcome to work to day, I´m sick. Boss asks: How sick are you? The guy says: I´m fucking my sister, how sick is that?

76.Man says to his wife: Let me take a picture of your breasts, than I can always look at them. Wife: Let me take a picture of you penis, I will have it enlarged.

77.Today, in style are small cars, watches, skirts and mobile-phones... It will come the time when SMALL PENIS will be in style, and then you will be the man!

78.What’s hairy on the outside and moist inside, begins with a 'C' ends with a 'T' and has U' and 'N' in the middle? Answer: 'COCUNUT'

79.What's the difference between pulling a curtain and a panty? ANS: When yoU pull a curtain, it means that the show is over. But pulling down a panty means IT'S SHOWTIME! 80.What did the blonde's left leg say to her right leg? Between the two of us, we can make a lot of money



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